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A drawing of a girl in a First Communion dress. She is white and has long brown hair, tied in pigtails with blue bows.

A drawing I did of Katie in her First Communion dress, based on two of Katie's own drawings.

Katie is eight years old, and she wanted to take her First Holy Communion wearing a dress like the other girls. But her Catholic school said “no.” According to the Omaha World-Herald article (which reveals Katie’s male name and uses a lot of male pronouns, so be warned):

Eight-year-old [Katie] declared [she] wouldn’t go [to First Communion] if [she] had to wear a suit, and [she] pined for the white dress that girls wear. But neither [her] family nor church leaders thought it would be a good idea to introduce [her] as Katie in the Communion line. Thechurch doesn’t want [her] to be Katie at the school at all.

With her family’s full support, Katie will move to a public school and live as her true gender. “Katie’s waited long enough to be Katie,” her mother said. Katie’s parents took her to another church for her First Communion, so she did celebrate it wearing a dress.

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….in a bad horror movie from the ’80s! (Who knew?)

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"My freedom ends where your safety begins."
                                               --how a teacher explained freedom of speech in 7th grade

I’m a big believer in safe spaces. Having to navigate somewhere that isn’t my house takes a lot of effort; I only noticed just how much effort once I left school and stopped having to spend 6 hours a day in a strange-to-me place. But I’ve always felt most comfortable in my house–my bedroom, especially. Maybe that’s why I like stories about people trying to protect their homes from outsiders.


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