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Recently, abfh posted about the potential problems of using the word “meltdown” to describe responses to sensory overload:

Instead of using such negative and inaccurate language to describe our own behaviors and those of our children…we should take a proactive and non-stigmatizing approach and recognize that these problems are situational, rather than specifically autistic. When stress becomes a problem, we should consider what changes to our environment would help to reduce our stress. And—last but not least—from now on, let’s reserve the word “meltdown” for circumstances where its use is more appropriate.

Such as, for instance, Chernobyl.

As I said in the comments, I didn’t really understand what a “meltdown” is. I knew they had to do with sensory overload and weren’t voluntary, and had read descriptions of how they looked to other people. I get particularly confused when meltdowns are contrasted with temper tantrums. And this confusion, I’ve realized, is because “temper tantrum” in my mind means a very specific thing. (more…)

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