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Last week Sweet Perdition had its busiest day ever, and the past two days have each been busier than the previous winner:

My stats: the day the Orphan piece was posted, I had 199 visitors.

This development is partly thanks to this post about the film Orphan. There’s a lesson for me somewhere about organization, managing my mental spoons, and writing about things in a timely manner. (I’d been planning on using Orphan to write about the “bad seed” sub-genre in general and cultural anxieties about disabled children. so was gathering my thoughts in a disability analysis direction seriously for days–and, much less intensely, for months–before I saw the movie).

The other lesson is that people want to know things–and, unfortunately, many searchers’ Orphan-related questions weren’t answered at all. While I hope some of them stuck around for the analysis of disability anyway, it totally sucks to not get the answers you seek. So, Internets, I apologize. And I’m here to make it up to you. Let’s begin, shall we?


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