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A young man in profile with long, silvery-blond hair and a black jacket and pants. He's looking up, and off into the distance.

In Sexuality and Homophobia in Persona 4, Samantha Xu examines the relationship between Persona 4’s “rough-and-tumble teen” Kanji Tatsumi and his flamboyant alter-ego:

Kanji is feared by the locals and maintains a confrontational machismo toward the other characters throughout the game. He is a loyal son and employee at his family’s textile shop, and it’s not until the debut of his alter-ego Shadow Kanji that we are made aware of his inner sexual turmoil


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A while back I saw this video of Mia Mingus accepting the Creating Change Award on MsCripChick’s blog (includes transcript). I thought her speech was awesome, of course, but something seemed vaguely familiar about her, particularly her voice.(I recognize people by their voices more often than by their faces). Last night after watching the video again I had an epiphany: “Ohmygod! That’s Mia Mingus!”

We met at Agnes Scott College, and were in the same graduating class. Mia helped organize a disabled students’ advocacy group on campus, which was way cool. (Although I didn’t do much work; I mostly just listened to everyone else). One of our issues was accessibility of handicapped parking spaces, and reporting people who parked in them illegally.

Now, Mia’s the co-executive director of SPARK! Reproductive Justice NOW. The organization has a YouTube channel here. Unfortunately, none of the videos are captioned; I’ll see if I can work with them to change that. Also, here’s a copy of a speech Mia gave on violence against women, as well as her review of Audre Lorde’s The Cancer Journals.

Yes, I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes. At least now I can stalk get back in touch with Mia and congratulate her.

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