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When I was 17, I made a website I did it because, at the time, a lot of information about my diagnosis was in jargon-filled textbooks for neuropsychologists. Parsing it all really sucks–especially when you’re, like, 14 years old–and I wanted to explain some of this information in clearer language. I also wanted to explain exactly what my skillset is. (For some reason, people in my real life are totally stymied by it, and I don’t know why. It’s always made perfect sense to me). But more than that, I wanted a space where other people with this diagnosis and their families could find each other. I wanted to meet people like me.

A lot of people stopped by. I learned how silly it was to expect people with my diagnosis to be “like me” and I made a ton of friends. I enjoyed meeting other NLDers and their parents. But slowly, very slowly, some of the comments I got started to weird me out:


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