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Comic transcript:

Panel 1: Two teenage girls are walking down a path. The girl on the left is ethnically white, albinistic and shorter. She’s wearing  pants, a long-sleeved shirt with a T-shirt over it, a visor and glasses with bioptics. She also has a cane and is carrying a plastic bag. Her name is Charlotte. The girl on the right is Black. She’s wearing shorts and a T-shirt, glasses, and a bow in her short hair. She also has a plastic ankle-foot-orthotic on her left leg. Her name is Trixie.

CHARLOTTE: Man! Can you believe ;Grand Theft Auto IV was $20?

TRIXIE: This movie’s banned in 30 countries and they didn’t even card me!

Panel 2: An ethnically white woman with long, curly hair wearing a dress comes up to Charlotte and Trixie as they’re walking. She says: “You handicapped girls are so brave! You must be angels.” Trixie thinks: “Ah, crap…Where are we, again?”

Panel 3: Charlotte and Trixie look at each other, annoyed and unsure of what to say.

Panel 4: All three are in the frame.

TRIXIE (smiling, pumping her fist in the air): I call Christopher Walken!

CHARLOTTE: The hell you do…guy from Mask.

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