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Blog Love

Thanks to Terri at Barriers, Bridges and Books for giving me this award. Isn’t it cute?

I Love Your Blog award

[Image Description: A piece of lined notebook paper with the words “I [heart] your blog” written on it. There are also some doodles of happy faces, a smiling sun, and the words “Love Love” with a heart next to them.]

I pass the cuteness on to these 7 blogs. (Only 7?! Holy choices, Batman!):

All 4 My Gals

Nicole writes about life with her husband and four girls, who are all awesome. One of them has Down Syndrome.

Biodiverse Resistance

Shiva writes about diversity in all forms. Lots of good stuff about disability, feminism, transgender issues, and cryptozoology.

If It Ain’t Broke….(and what happens if it is?)

The author has NLD (among other things) and a job in medical records. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

cripchick’s weblog

Ms. CripChick works for social justice in the most inclusive sense. As she recently wrote:

I believe it IS strategic to talk about other systems of oppressions—how else can we expect to have the system of oppression we face as disabled people recognized? How can we even go into social justice work uwilling to talk about the privileges we have?This can’t be done in a superficial, let’s-high-five-Dr.-King way. What good is our activism, anyways, if it’s based on the backs of others?

And her poetry rocks, too.

Monster’s Creed

Kristopher writes clearly and passionately about the transphobia/cissexism and other stuff affecting trans* people. Plus, my addiction to Ponystars is totally his fault :).

My Private Casbah

Bint, a.k.a. Tulip has an incurable form of cancer and a gifted artist daughter. She writes about everything from racism to feminism (and racist feminists) to disability rights to sex workers’ rights to GLBT issues to life in Louisiana. And she isn’t afraid to throw the odd bit of foul language in, either.

Random Reminiscing Ramblings

elmindreda is elmindreda. Although she isn’t doing autistic self-advocacy anymore, her blog is full of excellent stuff about disability rights. And game design. (Game design!)

Spread the love.

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